I was never rehabilitated in prison

The nail on the head was well and truly hit by a Mother of a drug addict. (Post below)
I am an ex offender and drug user and have spent a considerable amount of time in prison due to my addiction. I became estranged from my Mother for 10 years because she'd got to breaking point. If she hadn't let me go, I would say she wouldn't be with us today. My addiction, my selfish disgusting habit nearly took my Mother because I put her through hell and back on more than one journey. Prison for me was prison if that makes any sense. It did not rehabilitate me and education courses were simply something I had to do within the prison rules. My main focus was scoring drugs so I pen-pushed and kept my head down for an easy life. I gained qualifications at school and college so the education classes inside was a waste of money because I was an addict. The reason I committed crime was because I needed drugs so therefore a higher qualification in English language was just something to do. Out of cell time and a change of scenery. Why the prison's think this is ''rehabilitation'' is beyond me and the powers that be know damn well it doesn't make a difference to those addicted to substances. 
As for family support? I think some families do benefit, but a large majority don't and that is because a person addicted to drugs who doesn't want to stop abusing them is a lost cause until THEY WANT to go in to recovery. Until then, families sadly will and are being used as cash cows. The lies I used to tell my Mother when I phoned her from jail were unbelievable. 
I'd tell her my new trainers had been nicked, I needed more phone credit to ring my brief, someone had stole my canteen from my cell and numerous other lies in order to generate some money for drugs. When I got released, the prison officers used to say, "see you next week". They weren't wrong though and my drug cycle continued and continued. I was never rehabilitated in prison. The one thing that kicked me up the backside was when I died for a few minutes after an overdose. This doesn't faze many addicts, but for me I'd hit rock bottom and had enough. I am 2 years in recovery and every day is a battle still. I have made amends with my Mother and we are building back a relationship. Until an addict wants to kick their habit, and are serious about it, to save yourself from anguish, stress, ill health and heartache, let them go because an addict can only save him or herself. Best wishes Ian.