It does my daughter no good to visit her dad in prison

Dear Prison Widow UK. Hi, I would like to reply to Kathleen who wrote in about prisoners families and teenagers who have a parent in prison. Kathleen complains about the lack of resources for teenage kids with a parent in custody. I agree with her. I would have thought prisons would have come up with something by now especially for visits because my 17 year old daughter, a very hormonal one at that might I add, visits her Dad and is a total wreck for weeks when she's seen him. It actually does my daughter no good to visit her Dad and has an impact on her mental health well-being. She has in the past wrote hard hitting letters to her Dad which has upset him but that's the consequences of his actions. She has every right to voice her feelings. My daughter was very close to her Dad but 2 years ago, after being 12.5 years clean off heroin, he relapsed. I have no words for what he did next.
At 15, my daughter was jumped and battered by a gang of girls on her way home from school because her Dad burgled a pupils house who was in the same class as her. Imagine how my daughter felt? She was in her last year at school, doing well, and then her Dad turned her world upside down. She wrote to him, called him a bastard, dirty smack-head, you name it but she needed to get things off her chest and he, whether in prison or not, needed to hear it. It's alright for people to tip-toe around and say her Dad has an illness because he is a recovering addict blah blah, but the hard fact of the matter is, he screwed up his daughters life. We are working through it the best we can, baby steps, and our family GP referred her to a mental health charity that counsels kids and they are very good.
My hugs go to all the other children and families in this situation. From PN