My own health is important too from Helen

Hi and good morning. It's never good hearing about assaults in prison and that includes both staff and inmates.
I constantly worry about my son. He is in prison, has mental health problems and is vulnerable. Like a lot of families, I am on medication for anxiety and was put on it 12 months before my son went to prison because his drug use was too much to bear and I had no one to talk to. Your blog has helped me to understand that I am not on my own though and I am taking each day as it comes. It's hard putting yourself first when you're a Mum because our natural instincts is to look out for and protect our kids. But I have realised now that I can't stop or fix his drug addiction. I visit my son in prison and will stand by him but I also have to think about my own health and wellbeing in this situation too. Thanks for all you do and love sent to other families in the same boat. Helen.