NOMS do not know what is best for me

I have been in and out of prison more times than the screws come on shift. It's my own doing so I don't want any sympathy. Here's hoping you publish my letter via my girlfriend. She sends me stories and I like to read the families take on what it is like supporting a prisoner. I'll start by saying that I am currently serving a 7 stretch. Drug use was the issue so here I am. The prison I am in, HMP XXXXXXXXXXXX it's up to you whether you say or not, but it's not too bad. The screws are sound, well most of them are, but the problem lies with the booted and suited desk job crew who think they know what is best for me. Well I am a junkie, that is why I am locked up because I will go to any extreme to feed my habit. Yep there are drugs in here where I am but the Spice is a no go. I tried it the once and no thanks. I'm not doing too bad though and just getting on with it. The thing is, people don't listen. I was reading an article about a jail in Belgium and the UK are stuck in the 17th century still! Scared of evolving I reckon or there's too much money at stake to welcome change. The UK haven't a clue but I'll leave it at that. 
I am having to do courses to move on in prison which is just going through the motions. They bore the crap out of me and most of it I think is condescending. I know robbing shops is wrong, I don't need f***ing thinking skills to tell me that, I need the root of my problem addressing which is opiate addiction. Some tutor asked me last week what I'd do if I saw an unsecured window open on someone's house. Would I think twice and walk past it or act on it? My answer was well if I was rattling needing a bag of gear I would try my luck! If I wasn't using gear then why the f**k would I rob it? This is the kind of crap they teach you in prison! But you go along with the patronising drivel to get the Cat D where there's even more drugs. 
Fail, fail, fail, that's all it's all about. If I was a Swiss or Belgium national knowing from what I have been reading, I'd be receiving some proper rehabilitation, not the typical British tripe. The UK haven't a jar of glue (clue) how to manage offenders! I don't even know who my offender manager is because they change like they are going out of fashion. 
I feel sorry for those prison reform campaigners. It isn't prison's they need to reform, it's the gorps sat behind their desks being paid awesome wages for doing... f**k all. Take care. From a serving prisoner in HMP.