Paper art template en-route to HMP Bronzefield

By Alison Henderson PWUK 
Today I posted a template to a lady who emailed me about her daughter being bored and in low mood. She is serving a sentence in HMP Bronzefield, has no issues there might I point out but is She has a little daughter so I had an idea for her and sent her Mother the template to pass on along with some instructions. Apart from the pearls around the photo, everything is paper, just paper. Obviously pearl embellishments won't be allowed through but you can edge it with a Biro pen or pencil, it'll still be effective. There are no tricks involved and most importantly nothing in the form of contraband. It's as safe as it gets. I made this one up today with a pic of my grandson in the middle and used just black and white A4 paper. The two decorative flowers are just paper too. Instead of having your loved ones photo's stuck to the wall this paper wall art is so effective and even better in the flesh! But hang on, how about the glue? Toothpaste will do, it's as simple as that! The lady has assured me she will keep me posted and there is absolutely no reason on this earth why the template should be refused by the prison. Experiment number 1 on it's way! 

Giant Paper Wall Art Flower coming soon. prisonwidowcopyright2017