Prison reform won't work

Dear Prison Widow. Personally I think any 'reform' ideas for prison's isn't going to work. I live on an housing estate and on my row alone their are three people currently serving prison sentences. One of them is my neighbour who is inside for drug dealing and has three kids. The last time he was out he told me he is never going to stop because he is not prepared to work for what he called button wages. His partner and kids are accustomed to him going to prison and they all visit him frequently because I give them a lift to the prison. It is a perfectly normal way of life for them. My question to the reformers is this; "How do you change the mindset of offenders when both you and I know that working legally is an uphill struggle these days for anyone?" I am left with little once I have paid my bills. 
When the person is released from prison, he doesn't struggle and his kids are very well looked after and are immaculate, but that comes at a price. 
I give the family a lift to prison and I wait to drive them home and the partner of the prisoner and his kids are not in anyway stressed or upset. They are used to the situation, the regime and their dad being in prison. Are the kids at a high risk of offending just their dad? Of course they are because for them right now where dad is, is a place where he goes 'when he gets caught.' It's sad and it does upset me but the system is rubbing its hands waiting for the next generation to occupy their cells. Society is broken and so is the justice system. Reform is pointless unless society gets fixed and I can't see it happening any time soon. Thank you, Yours Faithfully Anonymous