Prisoners families charities need to focus on older children too

I have a 15 year old son and a 13 year old daughter. Their Father is in prison.
According to online statistics there is roughly 97,000 children in the UK with a parent in prison.
What concerns me is this; most activities and educational resources are aimed at younger children; which is great; but older children hurt too and I am shocked at how little their is out here for the older age bracket. Organisations, charities and groups that lobby for children of prisoners need to start raising awareness for older/teenager groups with a parent in prison. I am not for one minute complaining about the work they do; it's marvellous what they are doing for families but I would like to see more. Maintaining family ties I agree is very important; but there is little information to promote how this can be achieved for children who cannot visit their parent on a regular basis perhaps because of financial difficulties or distance. I am personally disappointed. Best wishes, Kathleen.