Prisons think education is the be all and end all from a former prisoner

My story. I didn't like school, my mum nearly got a jail sentence because I played truancy and I was placed on a scheme with a company learning mechanics. I excelled in it, turned up everyday and was happy. But I took my eye off the ball and when my friends started experimenting in drugs, I followed the leader and my choices landed me in prison a few times. In prison they think they can mould a person by forcing you in to education but for me and many others, it was something we had to do not something we wanted to do. Prisons are under the impression that education is the key to rehabilitation which I think is delusional and hysterical. One thing it is good at I guess is teaching those who cannot read or write but cell mates and prisoners help those to progress, not the tutors. I used to sit with a guy every night and help him with his studies. What I would like to see in prisons is entrepreneurial individuals who have talent and who can deliver their successes. I am street wise and lets get real, I am never going to be a doctor or professional person and don't want to be so I am not interested in sitting in a class studying sh*t that I am never gonna use on the outside. If there were classes for self-employment, I would be interested. There's a lot of talented people in prison and their talents go to waste because the prisons want to programme them in to mundane labour. To put it plainly, I won't be working in a job that pays peanuts because the Government says its right. My parents work and some weeks they struggle to eat. The Government are playing games, they are making the rich richer and poor poorer. As for committing crime, well the country needs criminals. There would be a lot of people out of jobs without them. People can try and reform prisons all they like but my opinion is this, is there really any point? Some will make it here on the out but it aint prison that has rehabilitated them. The majority are supported by their families not probation or a maths tutor in jail. Prison doesn't embrace talent or individual needs, the system thinks that 2+2 = 4 is the key to success lol! From Grey.