Rebuild the whole prison system from an ex offender

Catching drones and reforming prison? Go on surprise me! 
When the drones come on top, the drug dealers will find alternative ways, so Mr and Mrs Police and probation be warned! The whole system needs rebuilding and this is coming from an ex con who has served enough time in HMP to know. What I would really, really like to know is how does spending 23 hours in a cell rehabilitate people? That's what I want to know. I took part in some restorative work once and my victim asked me what I was doing to put something back in to society. With the greatest of respect I was doing absolutely f**k all because I was wasting away both physically and mentally in a cell and quite often puffing away on drugs. It's either mind numbing TV or attempting to write to your family and what can you write when you are caged up all day? There is nothing to write.
When I met my victim, the gentleman whose house I robbed twice, he was disgusted that I spent my time in prison doing jack sh*t. Sorry but I refuse to sugar coat it. I put zero back in to the community because I never got the chance to put anything back. But what about rehabilitation? Becoming a better person and learning my lesson in prison? Don't make me laugh! If the system is going to cage me up all day in a cell with someone smoking drugs then sod it I'm gonna join them because I have been an addict now for 14 years. It would be like locking up an alcoholic for 23 hours a day with a bottle of vodka and expecting them not to take a swig. The scary part of my rant is that all this doesn't stop me from returning to prison! ANON