Serving time in a Government drugs den

Hi to all and a great site by the way! I am an ex prisoner and drug user and completely agree that kids should not be around parents who misuse drugs. I have seen the affects and I have seen what damage it can do to families because I caused plenty of heartache to my own family. I am ashamed to say this but I was guilty of taking drugs before a visit, not all the time, but I had done. When they left I scored more drugs because the visits were painful. It's no excuse but that's what I did plus the boredom in cells is head wrecking. I can't explain it but it is. My son is 23 and I have just recently started to build back a dad and son relationship with him because I am clean and sober. His Mum gave me chances after chances and in the end she stopped visiting me and moved on with her life which I am glad she did. Relationships with addicts aren't healthy and I only dragged her down. I lost contact with my son and didn't see him for ten years because I was using drugs. At present he is firing a lot of questions at me and some are impossible to answer although I do my best. To explain to any child that drugs came before anything, even them, is heart wrenching but if you are a druggie, drugs come before anyone and anything on this planet. As an ex prisoner/offender, I don't think any prisoner has the privilege to see their families if they are testing positive in prison. That's just my opinion but something has to give because my last prison sentence was like serving a stretch in a Government drugs den. I will say no more. Best wishes to all your readers. From Clegg