Sex and drugs is NOT rock and roll by Shaun Weldon

When habit develops into addiction the want develops into a need, It becomes number one priority to feed that need. Lets say you're addicted to caffeine and it's been a few hours since your last fix, you’ve got a headache and you feel lethargic, your day can't carry on until you feed your addiction so you buy yourself a coffee. Now let's swap that cup of coffee for a dose of heroin, exacerbate the withdrawal symptoms and bump up the price of a fix. Drug addiction can be expensive and withdrawal has a more detrimental impact on wellbeing than the actual drug, it leads to a “by any means” pursuit of a fix to feel level. In many cases theft and the sale of stolen items is the most resourceful means of generating enough cash to feed the addiction, but not everybody possesses the sleight of hand required and risk getting caught. What do people have that will sell often enough for them to become reliant on as a source of income, thus funding their addiction without the need to steal?...A BODY. 90% of UK sex workers are addicted to drugs and many of them ARE sex workers BECAUSE they are addicted to drugs. With legal red-light areas around the UK it’s the perfect money maker, but it's not perfect, is it? You see, it's not the person who makes the choice to go out every night and sell the vessel that contains their mind and soul for drug money, it's the addict. The addict acts on behalf of the person because the person would be more aware of their self-worth, as the addict is more determined to get what they need the person has to step back and follow the leader. Sex workers don't like what they do, it's not a rewarding job and there’s no ladder to success but it's a regular income because there's always people wanting sex, regular income means regular drugs. It's kind of a vicious circle they are stuck in, going around and around, abusing the body to fund abuse of the body, a circle of self harm in a way. It's dangerous, there are people out there who use sex workers with cruel intentions, intentions of rape, intentions of assault to reclaim their money back once the deed is done, these sex workers are at risk every time they step out onto the streets. The awareness of the dangers is there but again, the addict pushes the person aside and dances in the fire because the need to feed the addiction is greater than the need to stay safe. The money becomes an addiction too, after all, money is the world's most addictive drug and is responsible for a lot of the worlds problems, it is a powerful, manipulative substance but the help and rehabilitation is out there. These people need help to build their ladders so they can climb to their own success, but they need somebody to show them where to find the wood to make a start.