Society is screwed to the wall. Contains hard hitting documentary

Hey there! I'm an ex con, spent roughly 23 years in prison in total and have been in and out of HMP most of my life for theft, robberies and drug dealing. Here goes, the country is in rack and ruins and I advise anyone to go on to You Tube and google documentaries on kids, families and crime. If you want to live in the real world, watch this documentary. POOR KIDS All this is going on right around the corner from you and I live. Society is screwed to the wall! I have met some good people on my prison journey who give their all to support ex offenders and their families and they must bang their heads against brick walls. Listen, you cannot reform prisons when ex cons are getting released back in to a family environment that has not reformed. You gotta start from the outside first. Ten out of ten for the efforts but for me the damage has already been done. All the best to you from Frankie.