Teenagers with a parent in prison

Prisoners families and older children

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Hi, I totally relate to what Kathleen is saying! My son is 16 and is drifting away from his dad simply because he is getting older and wants to spend his weekend out with his mates, not prison visiting. I try my best to get him to come along but he complains it's boring and to a point, no offence to my partner and others, it is. My son does speak to his dad on the phone if he's in and not out with his mates but apart from that I can see the ties slowly slipping away. My partner is understanding but as Kathleen says, the wide majority of activities and support is aimed at younger children. Teenagers with a parent in prison are hurt and confused also but tend not to show their feelings and this should not be overlooked and assumed that because they are older they can cope better than a younger child. When are we going to see more support for older children and more on the maintaining ties to promote it? Thanks from Sue.