The prisoners run the show from SK an ex offender

Prisons in the UK, let me tell you all right now; do not REHABILITATE!
I am an ex offender, a prolific one in my time and I now work a 40 hr week on the out and have settled down.
I found working a full time job difficult and I will explain why. At work there is discipline; there are rules and you have to abide by them or you get fired, right? I wasn't prepared for that because in prison, the prisoners run the show. I remember one incident where a prisoner threatened a female officer. She was then from what I was told, too scared to go to work. I'm not scared to go to work every morning, why should the officers be scared going to work? There's got to be discipline and prisons don't have it. Basically it's all bull sh*t. I have seen over the years officers getting a good hiding and I have seen prisoners being spoken to like crap by officers which leads to repercussions too. None of its right, not a single bit of it. 
Family visits are another joke too. I once had mine cancelled but it was OK because for a small ''fee'' I borrowed a mobile phone and was able to chat to my Mrs on social media so it was all good. I've heard it in various articles that regular cell shake downs don't take place because there isn't enough staff. Doesn't make a difference I'm afraid because if any contraband is found and confiscated, depending on who the prisoner is, you might get threats to your family on the out, so for the wage, if you were an officer, would it really be worth taking someones mobile phone on the strength that harm could come to your family? Like I said, the show is run by the prisoners and personally I think the Government need to shake things up. If they are scared, which I think they are, because of riots etc, taser the rioters. Prisoners riot because they can. I can hear some people now; ''my suchabody better not be tasered'' well fair enough but my nephew better not die in a fire because your suchabody caused a riot. 
I read a post on your blog about someone asking ''what do NOMS manage''? They manage sweet FA because their hands are tied. Some of the prisons need knocking down and built again from scratch. And by the way, to the human righters, you can maintain human rights with discipline! All the best SK