The sorry jail mail isn't good enough

Dear Prison Widow UK. My ex partner is a drug addict and there is no way I will take her to visit him in prison regardless of his apologetic jail mail. 
He has been in and out of prison all her life (she is 14 now) and I'm not putting her or myself through anymore of his 'sorry crap'. Sorry doesn't cut it anymore and if you feel my story is bitter, you are absolutely right. I have no time or sympathy for junkies. I am not saying it is easy for them to kick their addiction in to touch but I have met people who have succeeded and it is doable. 
Last week I was on the bus and two guys got on it and were off their faces and could hardly walk. They made my stomach turn and young kids were asking their parents what was wrong with them. 
My daughter does not want to know her dad and I have wrote him in prison telling him exactly what the score is. I don't think prisoners should be allowed family visits or be around children when they are under the influence. I know it isn't the children's fault, but if a person has any sense and respect for their families, they should grow up, take a look at their prison surroundings and do something constructive for their families, not getting off their faces on spice and whatever else is flooding the prisons these days. We were lucky enough to have him in his sober days but once he relapsed he was kicked to the curb and he hasn't made any effort to stop. He can stop because he has done it before, but his life now consists of a junkie prostitute girlfriend and no my daughter is absolutely not being part of their dramatic drug fuelled lives. On the upside since I severed ties with him, I have become a better person and my daughter is happy. She is still hurting inside, I know that but there will be no reunions unless he sorts his situation out and I am sad to say that the chances of that is pretty slim. My love to everyone who is going through similar. Regards, Lisa x