Toughen up and get a grip! From an ex-offender

Drugs, debt, intimidation towards staff, lack of discipline, bored senseless prisoners, frightened staff, gang culture, bent screws, pressured families of prisoners, need I go on? 
I think I read something Prison Widow said some months ago; which was temporarily putting all prisoners on closed visits to get to the bottom of smuggling in contraband. I agree. I absolutely agree. Families petrified their loved ones are gonna drop dead in jail because of drugs; I think would welcome this. Some nicks don't allow kisses and holding hands anyway so put the prisoners on closed visits whilst investigations are carried out. Sorry but there is too much pussy footing about in our system. I get the human rights thing and I'm not saying in any way shape or form there should be abuse in prison, but having served time in quite a few, some are a joke! I have been through the 23 hr bang up thing and it drove me insane. Lock yourself in a room for days on end and you will soon get where I am coming from. I went around the twist and I lashed out at officers and other prisoners because of pent up anger and frustration. OK, the GOV are recruiting more officers, great, solves f**k all because when officers are threatened and have been physically hurt, they go on sick leave so the prisons are short staffed again! 
Listen, prisoners aren't stupid, they know how the play the game. They are more than one step ahead of the system because the system has allowed them to be one step ahead. 
I would focus on splitting the gangs up but the problem the prisons have is mobile phone smuggling therefore splitting gangs up could prove tricky. There's been loads of documentaries about family and friends smuggling in drugs and contraband on visits so one option is closed visits whilst whoever investigates. If the crap is still getting in then the answer lies with the officers. Prisoners should earn visits and if they think anything about their kids and families then by rights they should comply. It's called rules and if you want to reform and rehabilitate then abide by the rules. 
How does the system prepare offenders for work on the outside if discipline does not work in prison? Listen, I can't go in to a job and throw my weight about otherwise I'll be sacked. The system isn't getting the balance right and I echo what another poster on the blog said, I would not let my Mrs work in a prison! They are not safe places! Respect to all from Ady