UK justice system putting innocent families at risk

I had absolutely no idea I was enabling my son. I sent him money in prison, money to people I didn't even know and money to people who turned up at my door. I am not doing it anymore. I refuse to be Mum's cash machine enabling my son to use drugs in prison. My son was convicted of a drugs crime because he is a drug addict so for him to be continuing his drug habit in prison is a complete and utter joke. The Government ought to get off their backsides and do something pretty quick sharp because the families are feeling the wrath of this laughable so called justice system here in the UK. Am I scared dealers are going to come to my door and beat me up because my son owes money in prison? Yes I am but I will fight back. In no uncertain terms I will fight back and make a stand. My son will be released from prison a drug addict and when he is released, he will not be coming home this time around. He is the authorities responsibility now. Prisoners families campaigners, and no disrespect, promote family support etc, but you are not focusing and advising families about the issues of enabling. You need to because families of prisoners/drug addicts cannot support a loved one who is in active addiction. £30,000 my son had off me last year. That was divided in to me enabling him, stealing from me and paying drug dealers his debts. What really was the point sending him to prison? His victims, the people whose houses were broken in to haven't got any justice, none at all, because he is high as a kite everyday behind bars and any remorse he has is suppressed by drugs anyway. Prison is a waste of time, a complete waste of tax payers money. From a Mum.