What is the point of prison when my son is still a drug addict when he is released?


Hello. I am emailing in response to the person who wrote about prisoners families being at risk because of drug dealing in prisons.
Our son is in prison and both me and my husband are mentally drained with him. He is asking us for money every day and has started phoning other members of our family asking for money and practically pleading with them.
He is in prison because he committed crime for money to buy drugs. It is getting to the point now where we are ready to wash our hands of him. My husband and I haven't had any problems with outsiders demanding money but that's not to say we aren't at risk because if we stop sending our son money, I have no doubt that threats could very well happen. I agree with the person who wrote in and I also think too that the MOJ and other authoritative figures are not doing enough. This week I read in the press that the Government aim to tackle drones from delivering drugs and mobile phones in to prison, but even before drones came in to the equation, my son was begging me and my husband every day so either way, drugs still get in to prisons without the high tech means. I completely understand the person's frustration and the snap at the authorities because we feel the same. Our son is in prison and has been in before and will still be released addicted to drugs which therefore makes a complete mockery out of why he was sent to prison in the first place. What use is prison to him and to his victims and the general public if he is released from prison a drug addict? Thanks for listening. A Mum of a prisoner