A wake up call - by Anonymous

Hi Prison Widow UK. I would like to share my story with your readers.
My ex partner is a drug user and is currently in prison. I asked him to leave before he was arrested. I didn't want drugs in my life or our sons life. So I ended it.
My son is only 10 years old and it has been incredibly hard to explain why his dad hasn't bothered to even ask how he is after he left.
He has had counselling at school and they have been very supportive.
However; now my ex partner is in prison and clean; the impact of ignoring his son whilst using drugs has hit home and my son does not wish to know him. He has been through enough emotional stress and as bad as this might sound, my ex has reaped what he sowed. It's his wake up call and I am honestly glad that he is hurting.
I have wrote him back and told him his son is not interested right now, however, if he remains clean and lives a life suitable for my son to be in and part of then there may be a possibility in the future.
I'm not and won't subject my son to anymore hurt.
The roller coaster we have been on hasn't been a joyful one and those who use drugs, for me, are selfish individuals who have no respect for their loved ones whether people and professionals refer to it as an illness. Try telling a child that drug use is an illness because they don't understand. Illnesses are where families come together and love and support one another. Drug use isn't like that and I do not accept that taking drugs is an illness. It's a choice and it is curable - only if the user wishes to be cured by their own making.