Asking for trouble by Carl ex-prisoner

I've been to prison and was released last year. It wasn't my first sentence and I'll leave it at that.
I spent a considerable amount of time in my cell because there wasn't enough work to go around to enable me to get out of my cell. I was penned in for a lot of my sentence.
I read a lot of articles and comments posted online by general members of the public and it seems to be, 'lock them up and throw away the key' type of opinions.
Many prisoners and ex prisoners like myself need rehabilitation. If you are penned in a cell with nothing to do; trust me you would not want to live next door to me when I am released. Prisoners are eventually released back in to society (apart from those given a life rec) and if a person cages an animal up for so long without mental stimulation, it's gonna bite when it is allowed to run free.
Prisons need to get real. The Government need to get real.
One day when I was on bang-up, I lost it. I cut my arms just to get myself out of my cell for some different scenery. I have never self-harmed before by the way but it was the only option I had.
There was literally no hope for me and everyone is entitled to hope and dreams.
Now I'm out, I am living with my parents again and I am doing OK. I don't want to go back to prison but sometimes when the going gets tough, I won't lie, I often think to myself that I was better off in prison. It's a real head game but I can say this much, prison is not a place to rehabilitate. It is an unrealistic world and if anything, I learnt more about crime and blags. Prisons are asking for trouble because there is no balance. The smoking ban will be catastrophic and you can absolutely expect tobacco smuggling and more violence.