Breaking Free by Amy Stubbs

Breaking Free. A Poem by Amy Stubbs 

You need to get help they say,
offering advice with websites and phone-lines
you reassure them you can give up any day,
but your next fix, that hit is all that's in your mind.

You're falling even deeper into living life high
scraping money from anywhere that you can find
you're borrowing money, I'll pay you back, that old lie
all to be able to sniff that next line, it's controlling your mind.

Dazed and in pain you open you're eyes
shocked to find you're laying in a hospital bed
reassessing your life, you breakdown and cry
you try to make sense of the mess in your head.

You've fallen so low, you fed your addiction
Its time to get strong, it's time to fight
you put it on yourself, it was self infliction
but it doesn't make it easy, it'll take all your might.

You feel it inside, the hold it has over you,
that pain is crippling but the mind games are worse
Do you give in or do you see this thing through?
Its controlling you, you feel like you're cursed.

The days become easier, you're doing so well
your family so proud, the old you has come back
all you've accomplished, you've been through hell
so here's a screw you to your old friend crack!