I used the system to my own advantage

Dear Prison Widow. I would like to thank Shaun Weldon on writing a well written and non judgemental post on prostitution. I was once a night walker myself and offered business to punters to maintain my drug addiction. I can tell you that I loathed every minute of it and would spend endless hours in the bath scrubbing my skin over and over to rid of the strangers touch. I was addicted to heroin and crack cocaine and lived with two other girls in the same repetitive situation. Breaking the degrading cycle was tough and I managed to do this when I intentionally broke the law by shoplifting to get myself in to prison. Prison was a place I used to start over. I would have preferred to have leaned on support from my family but I had none. They washed their hands of me years ago and I will never hold that against them because I was wrapped up in my drugs. I caused my family nothing but grief and I am truly ashamed of myself. Prison did rehabilitate me because I made sure it did if that makes sense. I used it to my advantage and asked for any help I could literally get my hands on. The system once played me, so it was time I returned the favour and played my own game. Eventually I was released from prison and I never went back on the streets touting for business. I am 4 years clean. Prostitution is no life. It is an existence, something women have to do to buy their drugs. I used to speak to girls as young as 16 on the beat and it broke my heart as well as my own heart breaking. I know there are people out here who judge but be careful because one day your own daughter may land on the street herself. Drugs are part of society, educate your children now! With love and best wishes, Deena.