Inmate filmed 'eating faeces sandwich for Spice' as prison bosses launch investigation (warning graphic images)

A former Hindley inmate said the prison is ‘flooded’ with Spice - a highly-addictive form of synthetic cannabis. They added prisoners are willing to undergo horrific acts of humiliation just to get their hands on it. It is the latest horrifying incident in a series involving Spice at prisons in Greater Manchester - with both inmates and prison staff warning how the powerful drug is causing havoc. A former prisoner said: "This kind of thing happens on a daily basis inside. People have had their heads shaved and have drunk urine, anything to get hold of some spice.You see people falling over and having fits. The staff do nothing about it.“It’s actually harder to get tobacco then it is to get spice, which costs about £200 an ounce."Hindley is flooded with spice. I’ve seen people ‘dying’ and getting electric shock treatment to bring them back.”There have been a number of recent tragedies at HMP Hindley, which opened in the 1960s and has capacity for around 670 prisoners.