Talking the talk by an ex prisoner and drug addict

Hello. All I want to say is this; as long as there are drugs in society; there will be drugs in prison. I think it is a little naive to think that a complete crack-down in prison's will rid of drugs.
Drugs shouldn't be in prisons but they shouldn't be on the streets either. For me, as long as drugs are used in prison, there will be no reform. Reform is just another talking the talk word. As an ex heroin user, no prison on this earth could rehabilitate me because I did not want to stop using drugs. Listen, the UK can reform things anyway they wish but if a person/prisoner is heavily in to the drugs culture and their families too on the outside; prison's will always make money. It's there for the taking because quite honestly; I have never seen the drug issue so bad as it is right now. There are kids as young as 10/11 smoking crack on the streets and this is in the UK; right on our doorsteps. What kind of scum sell class A drugs to children? Seriously? There has always been divides in prison with sex offenders and the general population but let me say this much; dealers who sell drugs to children are no different. It does not make them exempt from abuse. I am a Dad myself; I haven't been a good one in my past either but I am making up for lost time the best I can and educating my kids about the dangers of drugs. I pray my advise pays off. Regards, Kieran.