Why make things worse? By Prison Widow

Over the past couple of weeks I have received emails from devastated family members concerning their loved ones being bullied in to taking drugs in prison, in particular, Spice. The emails and sometimes phone calls I receive are becoming more frequent. Drug use affects the whole family. You do not have to use drugs yourself to feel the wrath of addiction. It is painful.
Many families have asked me to name and shame prisons. Right now that isn't the answer because we all know there is a problem. Why make it worse? 
I'm Bolton based and last week I witnessed two young women shooting up in a bush. They scarpered when they saw me and left behind their paraphernalia. This incident was near a children's play area by the way. Was I disgusted? The answer to that is; it knocked me sick. A few hours later a friend called me saying a drug addict tried to snatch her bag. A few days later my daughter came home from school telling me two drug addicts punched her head teacher when they were caught trespassing inside the school trying to steal something. The two culprits also pushed a young pupil in to a fence. 
I couldn't care less what the Police or the Government say; drug related crimes are rising; well they certainly are where I live. Statistics may well prove otherwise but not everyone reports crime so the stats aren't reliable anyway. 
My personal opinion is this; drug use is spiralling rapidly in our communities and whilst it continues out here; it will continue doing the same thing inside too. 
The Government lost the war on drugs ages ago. But was there ever a war in the first place? Well we were led to believe there was. 
No; I won't name and shame. It wouldn't make a blind bit of difference anyway because drug users will either continue to use or make a decision to stop. There's no in between when you are an addict. Be it out here or in prison; there will always be temptation; so where is the upside? 
I agree drugs shouldn't be in prison but they shouldn't be out here either. Funny though isn't it; because if there were no drugs out here; there would be some empty beds in prison, right?