Growing apart on release from prison - From 'Jen'

Hi Alison, Prison Widow UK. Please share my story but I would be very grateful if you could change my real name. 
My husband has been in prison for the best part of 8 years and I stood by him all the way. 
He's been home now for 6 weeks and he is not settling. He's moody; appears depressed and has no motivation. We had a row the other day and he shouted saying he would be better off back in prison.
He's had very little help from his offender management team and I am at the end of my tether and it feels like I am walking on egg-shells all the time.
I hope this isn't too much information, but there is no intimacy between us either. He says he loves me but it's hard trying to even get a cuddle off him. We were more loving on prison visits as crazy as that sounds. 
I know I have to give him time but it's almost like we are drifting apart more and it's getting me depressed now too. 
Is there any other partners of ex prisoners out there who have been through the same thing when their husband/partner has been released from prison? I feel at rock bottom. Thank you and best wishes; regards, 'Jen.'