HMP Styal women's group - By Alison Henderson

Last month I was invited to HMP Styal to teach 12 life-sentenced ladies how to facilitate groups and teach safe in-cell activities to other women in custody.
I have to say it was absolutely fantastic and I have been informed that regular activities are taking place and the ladies are over the moon facilitating their own groups and one-to-one sessions. 


I taught the ladies how to basic fold a book. No scissors; no staples, no glue or cellotape even is needed to create a vase which is simply made out of a book.
The folding is simple, easy to do and can be achieved in-cell without any supervision whatsoever. 
We sampled other patterns and the next stage is to teach some intricate folds. 
These are also wonderful gifts for prisoners families and children. I taught, hedgehogs, vases, hearts, mice, Christmas tree, paper flower decoration all with simple folds purely from paper and old recycled books. 

I would personally like to thank the ladies at HMP Styal; the Governor and staff for making me feel very welcome indeed. 
I am so pleased that the project is doing well! 

Love to all there

Alison Henderson