I've let her go - From Terry

Hello Prison Widow UK. My name is Terry and this is my story. 
My partner has a serious problem with drug addiction. I have tried and tried my best to help and support her but to no joy.
We have just recently had a little girl and I haven't seen my partner for 4 days. She has telephoned to tell me she is OK but the situation is now like this; I have to walk away. She's on a major drugs binge and this is no good at all for our child. 
She is addicted to heroin, crack and Lord only knows what else I don't know about. I have never been so hurt and emotionally drained in my life but my family are extremely supportive. 
I have learned the hard way that no one can cure an addict and as much as it kills me; I have to let her go and find her rock bottom although I don't know how much far down she can get right now. 
I understand how so many families are in despair with a loved one addicted to drugs. Wish me luck, I am going to need it. Thanks also for your support. 
Kindest regards, Terry.