Prison Newspapers - From Karl - ex prisoner

Hi Prison Widow UK Blog! Here's to just say this.. when I was locked up; I looked forward to reading Prison Widow's stories; especially the funny stuff! 
I am sure whoever is reading them across the pond in the USA; will have a good laugh. 
Prison Newspapers are indeed politically laced and there are a few newspapers out now that without disrespect pretty much feature the same thing. Yes there is absolutely a serious element to prison; but; prisoners do laugh. We watch comedy on TV and banter with the lads; as I am sure women prisoners equally do. Humour in any sense of the word is a breath of fresh air for prisoners. 
Sometimes we are locked down all day; and if we didn't laugh sometimes, we'd cry! 
I would like to see again some humour in prison newspapers because there is a major lack of it in my opinion. I still subscribe to two prison newspapers even though I am now on the outside. 
Prison Widow; carry on doing what you are doing and spread the smiles in the USA girl! Much love and best wishes to everyone.