Prisoners families picking up the tab - From Viv mother of a prisoner

Hi to all. I have just read the post on 15 ambulances a day calling at Leeds prison concerning Spice. It is beyond a joke! And you are not telling me that the smugglers are all visitors either! I am a regular reader of prison news because my son is in prison and I am glad that the press are publishing articles on prison officers pushing drugs in to prison because they are as bad.
My son was sent down because he was addicted to drugs here on the outside and he's still as bad as he was in prison! The last visit I went on to see him, his eyes were glazed and he was falling asleep. Granted he needs to take responsibility for his own actions but remember - he's an addict and no matter how many programs he takes in prison, when his cell-mate is using drugs; what can one honestly expect and yes; families are picking up the tab for this substance! I have no words. Wishing you the best; from Viv.