Prisoners families struggling - from J

Dear Prison Widow UK. I am furious and beyond livid to the point of despair.
My partner is in prison and every day he is asking me to send him money. I know he doesn't need any clothes or footwear because I bought him these when he first went inside which was only in February this year. I am kidding myself thinking everything is OK but deep down I know the money he is asking for is for drugs. I have a baby and struggling to make ends meet keeping our home without having to take phone calls from him literally begging me for money all the time. Why aren't the prisons doing something about this? This is affecting so many families yet the Government push for families and prisoners to maintain ties? It's pathetic because the Government and the prison service are doing nothing to make life easier for prisoners families. They constantly contradict themselves and I will probably be another statistic of their human warehousing because as long as my partner as access to drugs in prison; he will be released back in to society and back through the revolving doors. It's not good enough. The prison service is lacking and the families are getting all the flack! Thanks for letting me offload and please don't publish my real name. From J. x