Suffragette City - By Alison Henderson

Can you spot the 27 Bowie songs hidden in the article below? 

Surely life on mars must be better than this. Naturally I have only myself to blame so there’s no time for sorrow. I stole the expensive diamond dogs from the store because I wanted to shower my little china girl with lavish gifts. I adored her and we spent many golden years together.

It was the Bewlay brothers who first introduced us in a club called Fame back in the early 80’s. I didn’t waste a minute and just simply said, “Come on, let’s dance!” I was aware her protective brother was keeping an eye on our dance floor smooch so I raised my hand and shouted over, “John, I’m only dancing!” I’m not sure if he heard or saw my gesture as he looked slightly drunk. I guess ten gin and tonics would affect ones sound and vision.

I later heard he was so steamed that he ended up walking up the hill backwards on his way home like a rocket man! It’s funny isn’t it how the mind works? Hundreds of memories flash by like a steam train going from station to station, and yes, time will crawl especially here holed up in my cell. My Jean Jeanie is coping the best she can and misses her starman. I miss her deeply too but she keeps herself busy teaching young Americans all about the life of Andy Warhol.

 Prison is like Suffragette City. There are always people fighting for their rights in these places and still there are no changes. As for me? I’ve got another five years of seeing young lads parading on the wings dressed in the latest fashion, and absolute beginners who like me have never been in prison before. My relationship with the prettiest star in my life is strained. All for modern love I committed a crime. She adored her gifts but we can be heroes just for one day until the law says hello. It’s not worth it. I am now in a system that makes me feel like the man who sold the world.

 Alison Henderson Inside Time