UK prison system is a soft touch - by Hannah T

Dear Prison Widow UK. I've just followed you on Twitter and really like your site.
My daughter's father is in prison and he is there for an offence he committed whilst taking drugs. He has been on and off heroin for years and last year I finally gave up the fight trying to help him. It was a battle I couldn't win but at the time I couldn't give up on him.
Our daughter is 4 and even she wasn't enough for him to stop and become a true father to her. He writes to me from prison but he is told in no uncertain terms that our relationship is finished. I also know via his mother that he is still using drugs in prison. His mother was taking my daughter to see him next week but I have cancelled the visit. If he is using drugs in prison, why should he honestly have the privilege of seeing his daughter? He'd let her down by going to prison in the first place and if he wants to be a father to her when he is released, what is he playing at taking drugs in prison? There's no hope and my daughter deserves better. Any man or woman who goes to prison preaching they want to become a better person to their children and families should become better people in prison. The system is a soft touch. They should introduce some hard hitting truths to those who think getting high is the solution to 'coping' with serving time. Please don't get me wrong, I am all for human rights, but I am also a mum protecting her child from the filthy drugs that flood our street and prisons. My daughter comes first at all costs and if her dad wishes to take drugs and carry on his ways as normal, good luck to him because he's on his own. Love to all, Hannah T