Where is the rehabilitation? You tell me? From Aaron ex-prisoner

Hi. I am an ex prisoner of HMP and would like to reply to a few things raised on your blog.
The drug scene inside is big business. As for clamping down on it? Good luck because the UK; and I am taking about the Government; in my opinion do not have staunch people that require backbones to do anything about it. It's all a game. Prisons are sustainable and without them; there would be a lot of people on the dole queue. They are businesses. No one in higher power gives a damn about rehabilitation. They have to be seen to be doing some good though but it's nothing more than deviant which ever way you look at it. 
Society is crumbling around us. In my street of a night and as early as 09.00 in the morning; you see people staggering off spice and they are a pain in the ass. One lad started to bully an old lady so I called the Police who took three days to come out. The same lad bullied the old lady again so he got a crack off me. Yeah, this is society and charge sheet or no charge sheet; if the Government can't reign the drugs in; I will tell you this much; I won't stand by and allow any junkie bully an old lady. The Police weren't interested as per. I could have gone to prison again for my actions but any decent human being wouldn't tolerate some spice-head swearing and squaring up to an old lady. Oh by the way, yes I took anger management courses in prison but you see something like that; no, I won't tolerate it.
I was down for 5 years in HMP and I saw the same faces coming back in, going out and coming back in again. Their offences were worse every time they came back in to. Where's the rehabilitation? You tell me. Kindest regards to you. God bless you Prison Widow. From Aaron.