You want to end up alone? By Curtis an ex-prisoner

Hey Prison Widow how's it going? Hope all is well.
My name is Curtis and I have been to prison a number of time. I have been reading your blog with a lot of interest and would like to comment if I may.
My prison sentences were a result of bad choices and drug addiction. I was addicted to crack and heroin and pretty much anything I could get my hands on.
My family were never at the forefront of my life and I hate saying this because it gets me, but the drugs always and forever came first. Number 1 priority all the way.
When I went to jail the first time around it was mental. Every feeling I had suppressed came spilling out and I tried to commit suicide. 
After being released from prison I stayed on the straight and narrow for 3 months and went straight back on the drugs and it became a revolving circle. My family kicked my butt in to touch and after another 4 prison sentences, I finally said, no more. 
My kids don't know me because of what I'd become and my partner moved on and for that I cannot blame her. 
Drugs are the most selfish destructible evil substances around and for any young people reading this; please do not ruin your life's. Don't even succumb to any temptation or 'ill only try it the once' thing because once you have tried it, there is no going back.
If you want to end up alone, that's your choice but you will regret that choice, take it from me, you will deeply regret it. To all with love and respect. Curtis.