I can't see an end to it - from a partner of a prisoner

Dear Prison Widow UK. I would be grateful if my name was anonymous please.
My partner is in prison currently serving 3 and a half years. I absolutely know he is using drugs although he tells me he isn't.
We have a newborn child and he is the only miracle that is keeping me going at the moment.
Perhaps now it is my time to walk; I do not know; but I cannot continue the life I have with my partner if he isn't prepared to face his addiction head-on.
I thought prison would make him see sense but prison has become a standing joke and has only from what I see made him worse. I think it is sickening that the Prison Service cannot seem to tackle the drugs issues head on considering they are the so called shot-callers. Perhaps it is time the Government took control back of their prisons because they are NOT the ones running them that is for sure. Regards a Partner of a Prisoner.