Keeping in touch with letters - from Katrina

Hi Alison. (Prison Widow UK) I am emailing you to say thank you to Shaun Weldon re: his post on the importance of mail in prison.
I write a prisoner residing in New York and he loves receiving my letters. He said if his name isn't called during mail call he feels gutted. For him and I suppose many many other prisoners; having free world connections keeps them going. Myself I have never been to prison and I put myself in my pen pals shoes. I print off funny articles I can send him and even local news from the area he is originally from so that he feels in touch with what is going on.
My penpal also likes listening to David Bowie and I printed off the Inside Time article that Alison wrote and the inmates all had a bit of a competition with the song titles which they said they really enjoyed. Thanks for all you do and more. Blessings to all. Katrina.