Prison is pulling us apart - from Cath

Hi. I don't mind you using my first name but please not my surname. Thanks in advance.
I would like to discuss the whole topic of prisoners and families maintaining ties. The Government states that it is important to maintain ties with a loved one in prison. But what exactly are they doing about it because recently my husband was transferred quite a way away from the local prison. This has made it difficult for us as a family to afford the travel to visit him. I don't know about maintaining ties; it seems like the Government have cut and severed ours.
The only way now is for me to write more letters and send more money his way so he can phone and speak to the kids. I can ill afford sending him extra money and have fallen in to a depression. I feel in low moods and can't seem to shake off the negativity. But there are no upsides to this. However I have no doubt that when he approaches his release date; his offender manager will get in touch and the maintaining family ties thing will come back in to play - at their convenience.
How can I support my husband here in the free world when we have grown apart? How does that make any sense? The Government are setting prisoners and their families up to fail. From Cath.