Prison made me a better criminal - from Pete ex-prisoner

Prison did nothing for me apart from making me a better criminal. Inside I learnt more crime and different ways of making illegal money and I got deeper and deeper in to committing offences. The question my Mother always asked me was; 'have you learnt your lesson now'? and that was every time I got locked up, but I carried on getting locked up so the answer was simply no.
The person who changed me was a girl I started writing to. She was the sister of my cell mate and that was in 2013. We are still together today and I haven't been back in prison since then. I will say that yes I do have criminal tendency's and it's hard going to control them especially when we are struggling with money but so far I have managed to keep them at bay. I like the straight life although at times when we have no money I often wonder why I'm not doing my usual stuff. But I love my girl. She's the best thing that has happened to me.
My best to everyone. Pete.