Prison Widow is back to spread the humour

I was browsing through some of the back issues of Inside Time last night and read some of my early humour stories - and the comments. 
I came across one particular scathing comment off a prisoners wife/partner who was offended by my humour. I take the good with the bad; some people like it; some people don't; but I know of many partners of prisoners who use humour to get themselves through the rough times. Having a loved one in prison isn't great; far from it; and people deal with the situation in many different ways.
When my ex partner was sent to prison, let's not forget one thing, he didn't pack his bag one morning and say, "Oh, I think I'll go to prison for a while". He went to prison because he committed a crime. That was his choice, not mine. Yes there were reasons why, one being he was addicted to heroin, but still, that was his choice. He was offered so much help and support here on the out but he turned his back on it. The result of that was committing an armed robbery which took him down for a 7 year stretch. 
So now to the humour. I'm not a writer that starts a prison letter like this:

Dear John

Today I have cried myself to sleep. I haven't eaten; and I can't cope.
The weather is depressing and I am missing you so much. 

I've actually been there with that paragraph; but; that didn't do much good for my ex when he was locked up. So I hit the pen with humour. 
Prisoners are people. Look beyond the wall and inside there are people who laughed and joked here on the out before they went to prison for whatever reason. Some may have a sense of humour more than others but whenever I talk to friends; I say I write to a person in prison. I never say I write to a prisoner. In jail they have a number - out here they have a name and I address a person by their name. 
Yes; I write humour; it lightens the mood; and what's wrong with making people smile? In my opinion absolutely nothing..... so here goes.... I'm back and my first comeback article will be out next month titled...

Fifty Shades of Stretchmarks

Spread a smile to your loved ones!