Scared of my grandson coming out of prison - from Anonymous

Dear Prison Widow 

My grandson is due to be released next month and I am terrified.
I brought him up because my daughter was heavily in to drugs. 
Before he went to prison; he followed in his mother's footsteps and started taking drugs himself.
This caused me much anguish and I gave him money all the time because I didn't want him stealing or robbing any one. I know this was a silly and irresponsible thing to do, but many a time I gave him money just to keep him happy. Since he has been in prison, I have been attending a self-help group which has supported me wonderfully and I have learned a lot about codependency. 
I am now frightened that once he is released, the cycle will begin again and I can't cope with the situation as it was before he went to prison. I agreed some months ago that he could reside again with me but as terrible as it sounds, I am scared and frightened of being pushed in to giving him money again. Has any of your readers had or are having the same issues? I would like to hear from them. Please could you protect my identity. Thank you, yours sincerely Anonymous.