Switch the lights on - from an ex-prisoner

Hey PWUK, how's it going? All nice and bonny I hope.
I have recently been released from prison and all I can really say is; 'when are the MOJ and prison service going to switch on the lights in their heads? The jails are a complete and utter joke.
There are screws in the joint no older than my 22 year old daughter and what life experiences do these youngsters have in order to curb us prolific offenders? Some of them look terrified!
The drug situation is and will always be a lucrative business in prison no matter what measures are put in to place. Two screws this week were convicted of smuggling in drugs in Lewes nick. They'd smuggled them in, in Pringle's cartons and silly them got caught. Woo-hoo.
My thoughts on prison right now? They're just youth clubs badly run. I could say a lot more but for now I will leave it be. Respect as always, H.