The Ministry of Justice have lost control - from Iain ex prisoner

Hey Prison Widow. Hope all is well. I have myself been a resident of HMP. 
My opinion is, and through experience, is that the estate has completely lost control and prisoners now run the jails. 
Listen, the prison's cannot even get a grip of the endless pool of drugs being smuggled in and on top of that, the Government make an inane decision to ban smoking! Wrong timing and expect more assaults and altercations because the hustles smuggling in tobacco is the next money making scheme for prisoners who earn money underhanded. 
Whatever your readers and researchers watch on TV about prison's is merely a Walt Disney production compared to the 'real' issues and politics taking place in our establishments. 
The last sentence I served, I revived a young man who had a reaction to Spice. 
I wish the Government and the MOJ the very best of luck! 
Kindest regards, Iain.