We are laughing behind your backs - from Jez ex prisoner

Hi there Prison Widow UK. I used to read your columns in Inside Time girl. The first page I looked for by the way.
So the high courts have banned screws from striking. More assaults on staff are occurring and it's kicking off. Expect it to get a whole lot worse.
OK, so I have been in prison, several times. Prison is now a business empire for privatised companies and wait for it, prisoners and staff. Drugs, mobile phones, drones, it's all happening, more than the news reports too. Tobacco smuggling is the next big money making venture and the cons are rubbing their hands.
One advocate once said to me that, 'you cannot beat the system'. The system has been beat hands down so where his thoughts lay on that I do not know.
I had a serious drug problem when I was sent down for the first time and on the sweat box to prison I thought I was doomed. I needn't have worried though because I could get hold of practically anything inside. It is absolutely not right or acceptable but doing drugs in prison is easy going.
Without prejudice or any disrespect to any individual working in the MOJ or Prison Service, mainly the policy and decision makers, you are being laughed at all the way to the bank and HMP is a laughing stock.
Kids aren't scared of going to prison these days! It's gangsters paradise for the majority of them and they come out of prison with a degree in criminal masterminding.
Who actually advises the likes of the Ministry of Justice? Is it that they are choosing the completely wrong people or is it because they have cotton swabs thrust in to their ears to dim the voices of those that actually know more than the people running the show? I refer to it as a show because it is nothing more than a comical farce and I mean no disrespect to the victims of crime when I say that.
I learnt absolutely nothing in prison. My family supported me and guided me on to a different path, not the prison service, not probation, and certainly not education you learn in there.
It's a train wreck and I am in full agreement with those who say there is a serious thunder storm brewing. Take care and respect, Jez.