Both parents in prison - by Anonymous

Hello. Please don't use my real name.
I am 20 years old and both my mum and dad are in prison. I haven't had a very good life but I am doing OK and studying to better my life.
My parents have always been in and out of prison and I am used to it. I spent most of my childhood visiting prisons and now I'm older I don't visit at all because why should I? Why should I visit my parents who have no thought or interest in me? I think prison visiting is a good thing to keep the family bond going but when enough is enough, it is just enough. 
All my life I have had prison parents and one thing for sure is when I have children I will not be putting them through this. No one understands what it is like for a kid to go through having a parent in prison unless you have worn the same t-shirt as me and thousands of other kids. I hope everyone is OK. That is all we can be - OK.