The Prison Service has lost control - by an Ex Offender

Dear Prison Widow UK.

Please could I remain anonymous if your team so wish to publish my comments.

I have been in and out of prison for most of my life on drug related offences.

I was released from prison in February this year. I would rather not specify which prison I served my time in - for now at least.

I absolutely agree with the posts on your site in which people are saying that the general public are only given snippets of what the drug situation is like in prison. It's real bad.
I was sharing a cell with someone who smoked Spice. Off the fumes alone; I was sick and the result ended in me attacking my cell-mate in order for him to stop smoking this vile substance. This is someone's son I hit and I am not proud of that at all; but what option did I have?
I have had a drug problem myself so why would I tolerate sharing a cell with someone smoking Spice only for that substance to make me ill when I haven't touched the evil stuff myself?
Yes families smuggle it in and yes; ahem, cough, cough, the screws are equally as bad although the public again don't get to hear about such activities.
Look; I am not going to sit in a cell inhaling Spice fumes when I am trying to sort my own life out.
The situation is beyond out of control and the Government plant nice stories in the media saying they have everything under the control. You believe that? More fool you and kids; if you are reading any of this; please stay off that evil substance Spice! Stay well clear of it because it will kill you!