No more prison wife - from Rachel

Hello Prison Widow. Please can I request that you don't use my real name. Many thanks.

My husband is in prison and his release date is 2023. I have been through this so many times with him and have gotten to the point now that I want to move on from the prison wife and prison life.
He has been in prison four times since we got married in 2006. Before we were married; we had an on and off relationship and have a wonderful daughter together who is now 17.
I have spoken with our daughter about ending mine and her father's marriage and now she doesn't want to speak to me. She has been through so much herself trying to work out why her father cannot stay out of prison. The top and bottom of it is; this situation is no good for the both of us. I spent 4 years visiting him and financially supporting him during his last stay in prison and I don't want to spend another 6 doing the same thing because we are just going around in circles achieving nothing.
There's only so much I can do and I am at the point now that I need to draw a line under it.
Our daughter knows that she can visit her father; I will drive her to the prison whenever she wants; and she needn't worry about that; but she wants us to stay together and it is something that I don't want because his reoffending is stopping me from doing things I want to achieve in my own life. I have never put myself first before. It's always been about him and working hard to make sure I can support him whilst he is serving a prison sentence; but I have had enough. It is draining the life out of me. I don't know why I have written this but I guess it is because I don't know where to turn and how to support my daughter through this. I wish I felt differently but I just don't.