Spice zombies - By Amanda S

Photo courtesy of The Daily Mail 

I don't care what people think of what I am about to say; but I am sick to death of walking past spice zombies when I am out shopping; especially when I have my children with me.
Another reason why this drug infuriates me is because I know for a fact that my partner (who happens to be in prison) is taking this disgusting vile substance and has no shame telling me!
Have you seen the sad state of people on this stuff? Producers and directors needn't do a casting session for The Walking Dead because all they need to do is walk around the town centre where I live and they will find suitable candidates within minutes.
I see people frozen like statues and then once they have come out of their zombie coma; their behaviour becomes erratic; sometimes abusive and members of the public just stand and stare at these people who look utterly ridiculous and pitiful.
I have written to my partner and given him an ultimatum which is to either stop using this stuff or I am gone. I am walking away because the more I am seeing people out in town zapped by Spice; the more I am despising my partner who uses it and honestly tells me this crap is only like cannabis. Really? It is a lot more than cannabis from what I can see and it just disgusts me.
If anyone writes in to your site and calls me bitter; then they are damn right I am bitter because I want my partner to be released from prison a better man; not a zombie!