Punished for something his dad did - from anonymous

If I may; I would like to share my story. Please though would you not publish my real name.
My son is 12; and his dad's prison sentence was recently published in our local newspaper. The article has lots of comments on it by members of the public. I won't go in to detail but it is too upsetting.
Since the local newspaper featured my son's dad; he has been going through hell at school. The other kids exclude him and yesterday one child spat at my son whilst walking through the school gates.
I asked the newspaper to remove the comments but they declined. If the editor saw what affect this is having on my son; and he is a father himself; then he would think twice; but newspapers aren't bothered what impact stories have on innocent children. They just like to add on untruths to line their pockets. Yes his dad did wrong. I won't even argue that he shouldn't be in prison because quite frankly he should and I say that with a heavy heart. But my main worry is my son. He has done nothing wrong but he is being punished by society for something his dad did. How do we move on from here? Anonymous.