What resettlement? - From Jack (ex prisoner)

How's it going Prison Widow? I have seen on your Facebook Page that there have been 500 reported incidents of self-harming in prison's. Mental health? Wouldn't you think that mental health awareness raised by even our princes (the Royal Family) some money would be ploughed in to this illness?
I came out of prison less than 6 month ago and crashed in to a deep depression. I went to the local hospital who had not got a clue what to do with me! Yes! The hospital did not know what to do!! They wouldn't section me because I wasn't 'ill' enough and from there on I was sent packing with a bunch of meds and a follow up appointment a few days later which did not help me in the slightest bit. As for cons being stuck in their cells with nothing to do; tell me something I don't know! Let me tell you all what is happening in our prisons. Everyone is getting off their faces on drugs and the system has not got a clue how to deal or cope with it. The drug K2; Spice; is lethal and changes personalities that leads to aggression and more often than not; violence. I have seen the most placid men become monsters on that sh*t. Where has all this so called 'rehabilitation' and 'resettlement' work gotten to? Where is it? Because the only support out here I have is from my sister who has been my rock. My offender manager; a nice dude; and no offence to him is useless and that is not his fault. He is always on the sick which is probably because his workload is too much. I am taking a guess at that but I sure think I might be right. Theresa May promised did she not that more money and resources should be ploughed in to mental health? Where is it? Yet another lie!
Thank you for this platform to air our voices. Much respect; Jack.